WDW I / Tapestry, an art form not well thought of in this day and age, was the starting point of the exhibition 'Weten, Doen, Worden I'.We found three beautiful specimen, made by Michel Seuphor,” in the city hall of Arnhem and asked photographer Ivonne Zijp to reproduce them. The result was an exact paper copy wallpaper of both the tapestry and part of their original surrounding. The Seuphor tapestry, made in the 50’s combine the abstract and the decorative. We set out to find works with the same quality and came up with artists such as Klaartje Martens en Karola Vogels. Their bag designs are so highly abstract that, on a wall, they can be appreciated as sculptures.  

WDW II  / Again, in 'Weten, Doen, Worden II' we left part of the former exhibition. We added a new layer by adding new works. The animal shaped cages of Wouter Bijl turned even more absurd with part of the city hall in the back ground.
This way the cages seemed to be set in a stylish 1950’s hall, reminding us of exhibitions at the turn of the century where elephants, at that time novel to most, were exhibited.

Lucien Groen, Janske Hombergen, Servie Janssen, Klaartje Martens/Karola Vogels, Ton Verstegen/Jaap Kroneman, Ivonne Zyp, Wouter Bijl, Aldwin Lehr, Ronald Nijhof, Jan Vos

WetenDoenWorden II, work by Wouter Bijl