- Tuning/Fine Tuning/Store

The exhibition Tuning, first in the gele rijder series, focused on rebuilding or rather redecorating the exhibition space. A blue clad hallway with windows all along one side, the space as we found it, did nothing for the works we wanted to show. Subsequently the windows were partially covered, the hallway closed of by a free standing structure, built and designed by Ronald Nijhof. Any intervention deemed necessary to enable and hold the concentration of the spectator was tried.

Fine Tuning was exactly what the title suggests. To the former exhibition ‘Tuning’ several works where added. By allowing several artists to perfect the works they had shown in the previous exhibition, details came in to place.

In Store we asked light designer Minna Tikkaïnen to change the previous exhibition, Fine Tuning radically by means of light only.
She started of by placing yellow light filters in front of all windows to counter balance the blue floor. She lodged a nest of strip lights under the floor panels and reduced the amount of daylight in the space by blinding several more windows, thus letting magic rule.

Ronald Nijhof, Jaap Kroneman, Özlem Altin, Rene Roeten, Wouter Bijl,  Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer, Edwin Zwakman, Minna Tiikkainen

Tuning, work by Ozlem Altin