Timeline 2012

Piet Paris, artistic director of the fashion hotel Modez in Arnhem, gave us the assignment to shape world’s smallest fashion museum in the elevator of the hotel.
His desire to do so was based on our analytical skills, or so he says.

In Timeline – the smallest fashion museum this analysis can be found in the assembling of a timeline based on divergent themes and phenomena in the timespan 1885-2012. Rather then exhibiting fashion in the traditional sense we wanted to focus on the changes  wrought by time. Also we wanted to juxtapose, traveling three stories by elevator to a time warp of more then a hundred years.

As an example: the Wimbledon series runs from the moment the classical tennis tournament was first held, the time when women played in long pleated skirts, to the fashionable William sisters, who won the women’s doubles in 2012. Another example is the rise (and fall) of different sects or new religious movements, indicative of our insatiable desire for absolute truth. Neither example is about fashion in the traditional sense, but both describe the underlying currents. In other words the essence of fashion is time.

The timelines that can be found in the hotel are:
◊ Penguin books
◊ Wimbledon
◊ Church organs
◊ Fashion photography
◊ Sects
◊ Bouquet photography
◊ Portraits of women
◊ Fine art
◊ Bridal photography
◊ Soccer teams
◊ Umbrella’s

The timeline concept will be developed further by Suze May Sho, to include a timeline website in the near future.

Sects, Bouquet photography & Portraits of women, 1900-1905
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