Suze May Display 2004

A site-specific proposal.
The site: a huge, industrial, milk factory in a dilapidated state.
The factory was donated for cultural use but turned out to be a very difficult art space to master. It’s main hall lacked walls for presenting paintings, it’s shear size resisting a point of focus. It’s industrial feel so overpowering that all intimacy was lost.
Our proposal: A sculpture/set based on the stylish, cleanliness of 50’s displays. Pink, black and white in the overall grey surroundings of the factory.
The sculpture, consisting of an enlarged pack of cigarettes, ashtray and matches is derived from a period when smoking was still associated with class. Since smoking in this time and age is considered ‘not done’ and downright naughty, cigarettes seemed the right symbol for the space.
The pack of cigarettes is large enough to function as a small stage in order to host plays, dance performances and concerts. The sides of the pack are high enough (2 meters) to accommodate paintings, photos and drawings.
Seen from above (the second floor gives way to the main hall and allows a top view) the set becomes a model or sculpture.
The set marks a point of focus with its hard edges and strong contrasts.
Its a space within a space and creates a platform for several art forms.


Scale model