Studio Amber 2011

Early studio photography served as the inspiration for this project: a model transfixed in his or her Sunday best, poised  in front of a handpainted forest lane. In Studio Amber the Sunday best is replaced by photogenic designer outfits and the forest lane substituted by an original artwork.

Everyone had the opportunity to be immortalized. Assisted by a team of hosts, hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists and photographers, this was the time to shine and for that only three choices were required: Choose a designer, choose an artwork as a background and choose a pose. The portraits were on view as large formats throughout the city during the fashion biennial Arnhem 2011. The whole series was on display as a separate section on the website of the fashion biennial (no longer online).

Participating artists: Emmeline de Mooij, Roland Schimmel, Lotte Geeven, Frank Bruggeman, Shana Moulton & Gijs Frieling
Fashion designers: Monique van Heist, Lew, And Beyond, Henrik Vibskov, Stine Goya, Pendleton, Conny Groenewegen & Bless

Photo by Team Perter Stigter
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