A photo series assigned by Heden, the Hague in close collaboration with 7x11, Ypenburg.
A model in a museum, wearing designer clothe and standing within the proximity of an art work. The series documented the relative distance between the factors art, fashion, model and space. None of the ingredients was allowed to dominate. Matching each work of art, an outfit and a model was chosen and photographed in several museums across the Netherlands and Belgium.
A careful balancing act, that was reflected by the correspondence(arranging the shoot caused a lot of red tape) with fashion designers and museums.  The designers were most afraid of bad taste, whilst the museum directors dreaded the whole thing turning into a circus.
Our goal was to find the exact point where several factors touch and to create a setting where fashion could be seen with the studious attitude normally reserved for art.

F abrics Interseason, Keupr van Bentm, Monique van Heist, Spijkers en Spijkers, Bernhard Willhelm, Neeltje Schoenmaker, Rozema&Teunissen, Desireé Hammen, Frank Bruggeman, Franz West, Gerard Byrne, Pyke Koch, Anish kapoor, Mark Manders, Robert Devriendt, Pascale - Marthine Tayou, Gert Robijns

Set: Neeltje Schoenmaker / Model: Marcella / Location: SMAK