Melk & Bloed 2011

Melk en Bloed (Milk and Blood) is a traditional fabric of red flowers on a cream coloured base. It is also the name of a newspaper occasioned by the province of Overijssel.

The newspaper containing nine drawings, one text and a poem is inspired by the traditional costumes worn in the municipality Staphorts to this day. Excerpts from a detailed description of these costumes, written by Th. Molkenboer  in 1917, formed the basis for the works the artists produced, in which details as buttons, pleats and the chequered neckties play the leading role. Equally the different stages of mourning, the characteristic headdress and the religious connotations proved an invaluable source of inspiration.

During the festival Kunsten Op Straat, the broadsheet paper, containing high quality reproductions of the drawings was handed out to passers by.

Newspaper project 'Melk & Bloed' | selfcover