Gele Rijder 2005/2006

In close collaboration with Marten Hendriks we developed, as curators of the exhibition space ‘Gele Rijder’ in the CBKArnhem, a series of exhibitions in which the space, the sequence and the whole where investigated.

Space meaning the exhibition space itself and how to make it function as such. A blue clad hallway with windows all along one side, the space as we found it, did nothing for the works we wanted to show. Subsequently the windows were partially covered, the hallway closed off by a free standing structure. Any intervention deemed necessary to enable and hold the concentration of the spectator was tried.

Sequence meaning the fact that several works were exhibited a number of times, each time in a different setting, a different show. The works stayed, the surrounding changed.

The whole meaning our request to the exhibiting artists to hand in part of the autonomy of their works in order to let the exhibition function as one.
Working together with the exhibiting artists, we discussed, repositioned and created new works. By redefining the exhibition as a 'Gesamtkunstwerk' it became clear, to the spectator, the artists and us that an exhibition is so much more than a collection of pieces.

Whilst working on an exhibition, we created small interventions, neither art nor design, meant to enhance the art shown. For example a square of solid colour on the ground to draw attention to the colours used in a painting nearby. A line on the wall to suggest depth or to separate several works. Light filters in front of the windows to question the so-called neutral status of daylight.

The series was also a good example of how design processes, in this case the invitations for the exhibition, can function as a catalyst and influence the exhibition from the beginning.

Tuning/Fine Tuning/Store, Wie Wien, MIA, WDW I/WDW II, Anti Makassar, INDEX

Poster 'Wie Wien'