Brachen Siedlung 2010

Brachen Siedlung is a project initiated by G.A.N.G. foundation  Arnhem

Brachen Siedlung turned out to be the ultimate test: how to make an exhibition in a circular space that doesn’t exist, with a pre determined selection of artworks representing more then ten institutions. Circular spaces are complicated at best, let alone that this space would be void of walls made as it was of white pvc canvas. The space called MIR, made by Alphons ter Avest turned out to be accessible only two days before the opening of the show, a problem solved by drawing a circular chalk line on the floor. For each exhibition item we developed a  separate display, usually assembling a table, a pedestal and a sheet of wood. Reminiscent of nineteen fifties display’s we used fabric to adapt the components of each display to match the work. Elegant and stylish were words that came to mind. In complete disregard to the fact that MIR was part of a series of mobile units to be constructed on fallow ground.

Participating artists:
Alphons ter Avest, Atelier NL, Benoît Hermans, Catalogtree, Erik Odijk, Eva Olthof, Extrapool, Frank Havermans, Gerard Koek, Hans Wijninga, Hjalmar Riemersma, Jeremy Jansen, Mark Melvin, Narcisse Tordoir, Ratna Ho, Rob Voerman, Rosemin Hendriks, Sander Luske, Selina Parr, Subwalk, Spijkers en Spijkers, Thijs Zweers, Vanhoffontwerpen voor Weltevree, Werkplaats Typografie and Wouter Rens.

Catalogtree, Weltevree, Atelier NL, Narcisse Tordoir, Sander Luske, Benoit Hermans
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