Art & Infrastructure 2006

Although our work tends strongly towards the associative and poetic it is most effective when applied to answer a concrete question.
For example the question: What should  art in public space related to traffic in the region Achterhoek, look like in the future?
We answered with three scenarios.

1. A landscape architect/artist, farmer and scientist work together on creating a 'rural landscape park'. A field planted in patterns with, for example, flacks or nettles. The result would be visually attractive (a rare crop), innovative (possible use for future products), recreational (linked to workshops), rural (maintained by the owner of the land in collaboration with the scientist) and can be appreciated when driving by (a large intervention in the landscape).

2. A theatre light designer develops a lighting plan for the tree groups, shrubs and hedges along the A18. The magic of the existing landscape is enhanced by illuminating the 'backdrop' or in this case the 'backdrop landscape'. The light is produced by small, mobile solar panel units. The length in which the tree groups are lit depends on the light yield of the day.

3. A landscape artist and architect work together on a combined parking – picnic spot. The cars are out of sight, encased in a hill or hovel, with the roof of the 'hobbit' hovel as an ideal place for playing and picnic.

See original proposal (PDF/in Dutch) >>

Rural landscape park