- Anti Makassar

Our search for where the abstract and the decorative meet was extended by the exhibition AntiMakassar. An antimakkassar is a crochet rug, used to cover chairs and sofa’s at the top, so that hair oil would not spoil the furniture. An antimakkassar, so bourgeoisie to most reminding us of grandmothers sofa, has a strange resemblance to fractals and thus combines the quaint and the mathematical. A perfect icon for our quest.
In the exhibition we brought together several artists and works that explore the thin line between the abstract and the decorative. Their works show the beauty of this endeavour.

Aafke Benema, Irene Brouwer, Petra Noordkamp, Mai Marie Dijksma, Marcel Doorduin, Anneke van der Eerden, Kinke Kooi, Marcel Kronenburg, Marcoen Vermeulen, Menno Wieringa 

Work by Anneke van der Eerden